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We are one of Atlantic Canada’s most experienced outdoor recreation firms and we are happy to be applying our decades of experience in design and construction to playscape development as well as trails. We are certified in  playground safety and insured for liability. We work with our clients and community groups on everything from obtaining grants and funding, to creating 3D drawings, sourcing local materials and installation. We'd be proud to show you examples of our work which can be found all over Atlantic Canada and we're always available to answer questions.


Are you excited but overwhelmed to plan your playspace?

Many of our clients are child educators and administrators who are committed to creative and high quality play outcomes but they are also BUSY!  They need to know what they can afford for their budgets and what their options are.


We can help you get started on the right track and help you maximize your resources. We are committed to amazing play outcomes for every project we work on. Contact us today for an initial project consultation!


Our team is committed to getting your Early Learning play space 'adventure ready' with age appropriate play elements.  We are a design/build company and are certified to install both traditional and natural playscape elements.

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This is what truly sets us apart!

Our Natural Playgrounds begin with locally sourced logs that are then peeled and sanded smooth or Hand-Milled into boards to be used in our unique buildings. From  Mud Kitchens to Suspension Bridges, you can literally watch your vision come to life as we work our magic using this renewable resource.


We partner with BCI Burke® to incorporate traditional playground equipment into innovative and fun playspaces for your communities! Using the best playground manufacturer ensures that you receive safe, durable, cutting edge playground equipment that will serve your community for years to come. Not sure where to start? We can guide you through the planning and design process and determine the best installation option for you.

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Hybrid Playgrounds incorporate the best of both Natural and Traditional playgrounds. In fact, most of our playgrounds are Hybrids. The benefit to you is the incorporation of elements that mirror the natural environment (Imagine playing in a forest for example) while still incorporating traditional playground pieces. Ask us about some of our examples.



Today's educators understand the value in getting students outdoors regularly and exposing them to natural elements.

Our outdoor classrooms will help you provide a unique learning experience which is conducive to better outcomes.



Over the past 20 years, we've played a significant role in Trail Development here in Atlantic Canada and have built a reputation as Experts in the field. 


Our philosophy on trail planning, design and construction is to create an opportunity for the visitor to be fully immersed in the landscape and to experience the remarkable and awe-inspiring without damaging the ecology or detracting from the natural system and cultural heritage of the area.

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