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Outdoor learning and programming is becoming an integral part of school curriculum.  Due to Covid 19, social distancing and outside activities have become a necessity.  Our outdoor furniture-filled classrooms are a fun and safe way to teach and learn.  We provide a variety of options for any number of students of all ages.

Cedar Rest_Teach_Circle with list

Cedar Restorative Teaching circle with List of 7 Sacred Teachings

Cedar Rest_Teach_Circle whale and list

Cedar Restorative Teaching Circle with a List of the 7 Sacred Teachings and a Whale Drum.

Linked Log Row Benches

Linked, Log Row Bench

Outdoor Magnetic Chalkboard

Outdoor Magnetic Chalk Board

Linked Log Semi-Circle

Linked Log Semi-Circle

Rounded Log Bench

Rounded Log Bench

Large Backless Log Bench

Large Backless Wood Slab Bench

Small Cedar Slab Bench

Small Cedar Slab Bench

Live Edge Slab Table

Live Edge Slab Table.

Small Log Bench Backless

Small Log Bench Backless

Stump Seats (1)

Stump Seating

Mini Cedar Stump Seat

Mini Cedar Stump Seat (Pre-Primary)

OUTDOOR CLASS layout 1 revised

Classroom Arrangement 1

Classroom Arrangement 2 Photo

Classroom Arrangement 2

Classroom Arrangement 3 Photo

Classroom Arrangement 3

Classroom Arrangement 4 Photo

Classroom Arrangement 4

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